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The perfect Bandung car rental whatsap +6287825047329 always tells about historyInitially Jalan Braga is a small road in front of a fairly quiet settlement so called the Road Culik because it is quite vulnerable, also known as Pedatiweg (Pedatiweg) in the 1900s. Braga Street became crowded because many businessmen, especially the Dutch nationals set up shops, bars and entertainment venues in the region such as Onderling Belang shop. Then in the 1920-1930s came the shops and boutique (boutique) clothing that took the model in the city of Paris, France which was a mecca model of clothing in the world. The building of Societeit Concordia which was used for meetings of Bandung residents, especially among the masters of the treasurer, the Savoy Homann Hotel, office buildings and others in several blocks around the street also increased the fame and crowds of this street. But the bad side is the emergence of night entertainment and red light areas (dim areas) in this area that makes Jalan Braga very well known tourists. From here the term Bandung as a city of flowers began to be known. So the Bandung community association at that time made leaflets and announcements so that “Tourists should not visit Bandung if they do not bring their wives or leave their wives at home”. In some areas and cities that stood and developed during the Dutch East Indies, also known names of known streets such as Jalan Braga in Bandung such as Kayoetangan Street in the city of Malang is also quite famous among tourists, especially from the Netherlands also Jalan Malioboro In Yogyakarta and several streets in Jakarta. But unfortunately the original name of this road is not maintained or changed from the previous name that is considered popular as well as Kayoetangan Road in the city of Malang was changed to Jalan Basuki Rahmat.

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