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Jom tempat sekali pakej hotel sekali transport wa +6287825047329 History Origin of “Kawah Putih” Ciwidey BANDUNG !! The white crater you see today is actually the crater of Mount Patuha. However, this name was less popular and the tourists who are more familiar with the name Kawah Putih Bandungkarena indeed the land and the water is white.Gunung Patuha in the area of ​​South Bandung by the community around Ciwidey as a mountain. Patuha name is said to come from the Old Pak (Sepuh), so that ordinary people are also often exposed to Mountain Sepuh. More than a century ago, the Peak of Mount Patuha brought haunted by ordinary people so no one dared to set foot, therefore there is and the beauty of his nature at that time is not known to people. In 1837, a Dutchman named Germany named Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn (1809 – 1864) traveled to South Bandung. Upon arriving in the area, Junghuhn felt a very quiet and lonely atmosphere. Not if the animals crossed there. It is then used for local residents, and according to the community, the peak of Mount Patuha is very haunted because it has a place to live the spirits of the ancestors and the central kingdom of the jinns. Therefore if any birds are sassy this will mature and die. Even so, this one Dutchman is not so confident in public utterances. He then continued his journey through the wilderness on the mountain to prove what happened in the region. But before reaching the top of the mountain, Junghuhn was amazed to see the beautiful natural charm in front of him, where a large lake lies with greenish-green air. From the lake it came out bursts of lava is also the smell of sulfur piercing the nose. And it was answered why birds do not want to fly its location. White crater From here the beginning of the establishment of White Crater sulfur plant with the title in the Dutch era: Zwavel Ontgining Kawah Putih. In the Japanese era, this factory business is continued by using the title White Crater kenzanka Yokoya Ciwidey, And immediately under military surveillance Stories and mysteries about the White Crater continue to evolve from one generation of society to the next generation of society. Until now they still believe the White Crater is a gathering place of the spirits of the ancestors. Even according to Kuncen Abah Karna who is now ± 105 years old and residing in Kampung Pasir Hoe, Desa Sugih Mukti; In the white crater there is the grave of the ancestors, hai: Eyang Jaga Satru, Eyang Rangsa Sadana, Eyang Camat, Eyang Ngabai, Eyang Barabak, Eyang Baskom and Eyang Jambrong. One of the peaks of Mount Patuha, Puncak Kapuk, believed to be the meeting place of the ancestors led by Eyang Jaga Satru. In this place the people occasionally see (unseen) a bunch of white fluffed sheep (victims of lukutan) which is believed to be the incarnation of the ancestors. Franz Wilhem Junghuhn is now long gone, but its inventors known as Kawah Putih still gracefully dazzle to this day.

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