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Bandung is like the Heart of Beloved direct whatsap +6287825047329 Mas zen ganteng best servic A piece of love stone Perfect tour in South Bandung (situpatenggang)SITU Patengan is a lake located at the foot of Patuha Mountain, Bandung regency. This situation became one of the attractions loved enough in the south of Bandung. Moreover there is a “love stone” which is the attraction of visitors. Yes, love stone, a stone located on the island that is in the middle of it, that is Sasuka Island or people often call it as Asmara Island. This love stone accompanies the legend of Situ Patengan. That said, the water that comes from the River Cirengganis is a collection of tears from the couple Dewi Rengganis and Ki Santang, whose love can not unite because of a situation. However, they finally get back to meet on a rock after so long searching each other. This stone will be called the stone of love. The myth also burst, for couples who visit the stone, their love will be immortal. Patengan name was allegedly taken from the story of the couple in the legend, ie from the word pateangan-teangan which in Sundanese means looking for each other. Regardless of the legend, Situ Patengan does have its own charm. As far as the eye can see, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of tea plantations, mountains, strawberry plantations, and forests that surround it. The atmosphere feels more comfortable because the area is cool. In fact, every day almost always stared at the fog. Visitors can also surround the lake by boat. Similar to the legend of love stone, it is said, if the couple around this place will be given perpetual. Situ Patengan also save the potential of flora and fauna. Some unique flora and fauna can be found in this region. Moreover, Situ Patengan has become a tourist park since 1981 which previously was a nature reserve area. West Java typical trees, a kind of puspa and saninten, are still widely found. The rare primate species, surili (Presbytis comata), are also still seen and heard in the surrounding forest. For this type of fish, this site becomes the habitat of fish like tilapia, mas, and tawes. Situ Patengan routinely become a place of planting activities of fish and plant seeds each year, which is every 14 Maulid. On that day also conducted a ritual of thanksgiving by the community around Situ Patengan on Sasuka Island. The event is also a form of homage to the ancestral lands, performed overnight, and open to the public.


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