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A. Tangkuban Perahu Mountain (Story and History)

In West Java precisely in Bandung regency there is a place of recreation is very beautiful that is Mount Tangkuban Perahu. Tangkuban Perahu means boat inverted. Given the name as it looks like the boat is upside down. It is said that according to folklore parahyangan mountain it is a boat upside down. Here’s the story.

Thousands of years ago, the land of Parahyangan was led by a king and a queen who only had a daughter. The princess is called Dayang Sumbi. She is very beautiful and smart, unfortunately she is very spoiled. One day while weaving on the veranda of the palace, Dayang Sumbi felt weak and dizzy. He dropped the splinters onto the floor many times. As his splinter falls for the umpteenth time Dayang Sumbi becomes angry and swears, he will marry anyone who will take his splint. Right after the words of the oath were uttered, came a magical dog named Tumang and handed the splice to Dayang Sumbi’s hand. So inevitably, in accordance with the oath, Dayang Sumbi should marry the DogDayang Sumbi and Tumang live happily until they are blessed with a child in the form of a human child but possessing powerful power like his father. This child is named Sangkuriang. In itsinfancy, Sangkuring was accompanied by a dog named Tumang whom he knew only as a faithful dog, not as his father. Sangkuriang grew into a handsome and mighty young man.

One day Dayang Sumbi told his son to go with his dog to hunt deer for a party. After some long searching without success, Sangkuriang felt hopeless, but he did not want to disappoint his mother. So he was forced to take an arrow and direct it to Tumang. Arriving at home he handed Tumang meat to his mother. Dayanng Sumbi who thought the meat was venison, was delighted at his son’s success.

Immediately after the party after Dayang Sumbi remembered Tumang and asked his son where Tumang was. At first Sangkuriang was afraid, but finally he said what had happened to his mother. Dayang Sumbi became very angry, in his anger he hit Sangkuriang to faint right on his forehead. For his actions Dayang Sumbi was expelled out of the kingdom by his father. Fortunately Sangkuriang regained consciousness but his mother’s blow left a very wide scar on his forehead. After his adulthood, Sangkuriang went wandering to know the state of the outside world.

Several years later, Sangkuriang met a very beautiful woman. He immediately fell in love with the woman. The woman is her own mother, but they do not recognize each other. Sangkuriang proposed to her, Dayang Sumbi also accepted with pleasure. The day before the wedding, while stroking her fiancé’s hair, Dayang Sumbi saw a wide scar on Sangkuriang’s forehead, finally realizing that she almost married her own son. Knowing that Dayang Sumbi tried to thwart his marriage. After thinking hard he finally decided to propose a marriage condition that can not be granted by Sangkuriang. Requirement is: Sangkuriang must create a dam that can cover the entire hill and make a boat to down the dam. All of that must be finished before dawn.

Sangkuriang started working. Her great love for Sangkuriang gave her a strange power. Not to forget he also uses the power he gets from his father to summon jin-jin and help him. With mud and soil they block the water from rivers and springs. Just before dawn, Sangkuriang cut down a large tree to make a boat. When Dayang Sumbi saw that Sangkuriang was about to finish his work, he prayed to the gods to impede his son’s work and speed up the morning.

The rooster crows, the sun rises faster than usual and Sangkuriang realizes that he has been deceived. Very angrily he cursed Dayang Sumbi and kicked his homemade boat almost into the middle of the forest. The boat was there in reverse, and formed Mount Tangkuban Perahu (boat that menelungkub). Not far from the place there is a stump leftover tree from Sangkuriang felling, now we know it as Bukit Tunggul. The dam made Sangkuriang causing the entire hill filled with water and form a lake where Sangkuriang and Dayang Sumbi drown and not heard from again until now

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C. History and story first there is a tea plantation and its factory since the Dutch era

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